Updating/Replacing your current controller with a WiFi/Smart Controller can will reduce your water bill significantly by automatically adjusting watering times based on the weather.

$12-$15 Per Station + Timer

Broken PVC

Broken pipes can be caused by improper installation, rocks or high pressure! Get it repaired to right away to reduce the amount of water waisted and damage to your landscape

Starting at $89 + Materials

Drip System 
Sprinkler Repair

Converting planters from a sprinkler system to a drip system is a great way to lower the amount of water used during a cycle. Pin point only where you need water and reduce the amount of evaporation caused by a standard sprinkler system

Starting at $249

Have a mini geyser in your system? Its probably a broken head! Replacing a head includes making sure it is completely under the surface, the right pop-up length and having the correct nozzle.

Starting at $45

Whether your Valves are leaking or not turning On/Off, you can trust the techs at SoCal Sprinkler Solutions to replace them using the highest quality materials.

Starting at $89 + Materials 

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